Counter-Strike famous Dust 2 map gets a fresh new coat of paint

Counter-Strike famous Dust 2 map gets a fresh new coat of paint

If there’s a list of virtual spaces that we memorize by heart, Dust 2 map must be one of them. How would it not be when this Counter-Strike playground was transferred from one game to the other on the span of more than 15 years only receiving small changes.

Counter-Strike fans are in for a treat, as a refined version of the most iconic map in the game’s history was released today. Dust II, which was removed from Active Duty competitive play in February, has received its awaited revamp in a beta update of CS:GO that Valve talked about not too long ago (yesterday to be exact).

The map basically received a total texture overhaul, adding some new colorful environments to the once-deserted streets of Dust2. Additionally, Valve upgraded the Terrorist player models to give them a more rugged look. Bomb sites have location names now. The A site has become a hotel-bazaar, while the B site has turned into a Kasbah (fortress).

To play the new Dust II, you need to opt into the beta depot. All you need to do is open your library in the Steam client, right click on CS:GO, select properties, click on the Betas tab, and select the beta in the drop down box. Once you restart your Steam client, you can test the beta version of the map for yourself. Good luck and have fun with the new Dust.

Here’s a small preview of the new design. Be sure to tell us what you think about it:

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