Counter-Strike: Global Offensive becomes most watched Esport in July

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive becomes most watched Esport in July

New report from research firm NewZoo revealed numbers from Twitch regarding how well Esports titles performed back in July, and it looks like CS: GO came out on top competitively.

According to the report, Valve’s competitive shooter was the most watched Esports game on Twitch in July. CS:GO has passed up both League of Legends and Dota 2 as the most watched esports title. Additionally, Counter-Strike has the esports broadcasting portfolio, with 31.8M esports hours being streamed – that’s 60% of its viewership. The next ranked game, League of Legends, had only 20.6M hours streamed, which was only 26% of its viewership.

It is likely that Dota 2 will steal the spot for August, as we’ve seen an unprecedented viewership thanks to The International 6 with its biggest prize pool in gaming at 20$ million dollars.

Take a look at the table below for the full numbers on the top 10 competitive Esports titles:


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