Crytek UK’s Staff No Longer Going To Work

Crytek UK’s Staff No Longer Going To Work

“The bulk of employees” at Crytek UK are no longer going to work over an alleged pay dispute, according to a Kotaku report.

The site’s sources claim that around 100 people have refused to turn up to work amidst ongoing problems at the studio, which has allegedly seen Crytek failing to pay staff on time and in full. Crytek UK is currently developing 2015’s open world shooter Homefront: The Revolution to be published by Deep Silver.

According to sources who have spoken to Kotaku, “Crytek’s UK staff have still not been paid the full amounts they are owed, and this week, according to two sources, the staff at Crytek’s UK office handed in formal grievance letters and went home.”


While Crytek has previously denied claims that it is facing bankruptcy, the company has yet to comment on the situation concerning its UK staff.

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