CS GO streamer gets arrested by SWAT team

CS GO streamer gets arrested by SWAT team

Sometimes, pranks get too far and become fairly dangerous, just like what happened when this caller called special forces to his in-game opponent’s office claiming that he’s a terrorist who shot people.

Jordan “Kootra” Mathewson, the owner of youtube channel “The Creatures” was arrested by SWAT team after they broke in during his play session which was streamed on twitch, the police had received a call saying that Kootra shot two co-workers and has the others hostage, he also said that the supposed terrorist will shoot at the police once they enter the room.

That, of course, was the reason for the break in and arrest in the video below, so watch what happened for yourself :

A Police spokesperson said that “If the investigation determines that today’s incident was a hoax, those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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