CS: GO player banned for a thousand year for sexual harassment

CS: GO player banned for a thousand year for sexual harassment

Well, this isn’t something we see often. Apparently, one CS: GO pro player was banned for a millennia from competing in the game for sexually harassing an underage girl.

Reece ‘Bloominator’ Bloom, a 25-year-old CS:GO player, has been banned on ESEA until June 3016 after it was discovered that he had sent inappropriate messages and images to a 15-year-old girl. Bloom was a player for Armor Esports, who competed in ESEA Main, two divisions below the ESL Pro League.

When images began to surface on Reddit and in the ESEA forums Bloom initially seemed to make light of the situation in comments responding to the threads. As the backlash against his actions continued, however, he took to Twitter to make an apology, before deleting his Twitter account altogether.

“No excuses, obviously incredibly stupid of me to do what I did and I’d like to apologize foremost to Armor Esports for ruining a perfectly good situation they had with their csgo team this season. Also I will take this time to apologize to the few that have supported me throughout my time on cs, I have not been motivated to my full potential since about 2014 after Exertus. I am aware I’m hated by many for good reason, But please keep the hate on me, don’t give crap to to any of my friends or orgs ive associated with. I hope some people can forgive me, but I understand if not, glhf.”

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