CS:GO now available in China with new update going live

CS:GO now available in China with new update going live

Valve recently activated the latest updates revealed yesterday, in Perfect World CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the Republic of China.


Not only that, but confirmed that the game has become officially available in full copy in that country, which was included in the final amendments to the latest update.

It also shows that the game is available free of charge in China, unlike all regions of the world, but players must confirm the identity of their account and then activate the Prime status to get the best experience possible with the game servers and servers and thus avoid the problems of delayed response during play “latency.”

The company said the download of the Chinese version of the game next month will give the player a free graffiti next to two posters, all of which will be available for purchase globally in October, as mentioned.

The latest update has also brought a new box of Spectrum 2 housing, which includes a range of community-designed accommodations, as well as a rare second-generation knife housing for Chroma designs.

We also show you that the new announcement above came with the activation of the latest update of CS:GO , which was available as a trial version, but the company officially launched it today to be downloaded before you start playing.

We note that there have been major changes in the recent update, including the  Perfect World in China with the above features, and the rest of the changes are weapons.

There is a first amendment to the weapon of the Glock by the Terrorist group, which has not been modified for years, it seems that it now has a greater force in the impact of shooting with a greater accuracy when shooting and moving or shooting in a sequential manner, while in contrast reduced the range of weapons His lead will remain effective for even shorter stretches before.

The other weapon and pistol modification was the P250, the $ 300 pistol (in the game world) that now has greater firepower and has a greater impact on enemies, but its impact on shields has become weaker and its accuracy has been reduced. When moving, it is interesting in this amendment that the weapon will no longer be able to hit the enemies in their heads to eliminate them with one blow because of the reduction of its impact in front of the armor of the opponents, if they wore head armor of course.

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