Dark Souls 3 is on its way for an E3 reveal

Dark Souls 3 is on its way for an E3 reveal

A close source to Namco Bandai revealed that we should expect a sequel announcement to the most hard and rewarding RPG series of recent years, Dark Souls during E3.

Not just that, but according to the leak it’s Miyazaki himself who’s handling the direction of the game once again. Fans are eager to see what will Bloodborne, Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 bring to the table this time after being only a supervisor for Dark Souls 2. Which according to them, lacked the soul and feel without Miyazaki abroad the directing position.

Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin was the latest release of the Dark Souls franchise for PC, Xbox One and PS4 bringing updated visuals and all the previous DLCs for the core game. As for other From Software games, we’ve been treated with Bloodborne earlier this year for PS4.

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