DayZ will be seeing a gradual price increase

DayZ will be seeing a gradual price increase

Bohemia Interactive studios announced that the online survival open world game DayZ will be seeing a price increase very soon leading to the game’s launch in 2016.

DayZ can be found now for $29 on Steam, that will soon change by the end of Steam’s fall sales where it will begin selling for $35 afterwards, then a final price change by the release of the game to become $50. The low price we got used to was due to it being an early access title before where development was still experimental and early.

The game will be seeing some major addons by the end of 2015 first half, developers released a road map showing the features to be added down the game’s release date :

 Q1 2015

Basic vehicles
Advanced loot distribution
New renderer
New Zombie AI
Basic stealth system (zombies and animals)

Q2 2015

Advanced vehicles (repair and modifications)
Advanced animals (life cycle, group behavior)
Player statistics
New UI
Player stamina
Dynamic events

Q3 2015

Character life span + soft skills
Animal predators + birds
Aerial transport
Console prototype

Q4 2015

Animal companions
Steam community integration
Construction (base building)
BETA version, expected price 34,99 EUR / 43,99 USD

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