de_nuke is back again to CS: GO with Operation Wildfire

de_nuke is back again to CS: GO with Operation Wildfire

The well-known map from Source days and earlier is coming back with the introduction of the new Operation Wildfire to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as other community-based maps and new skins.

You can now get Operation Wildfire for $6. The new pack contains the usual journal and coin that get you Wildfire-themed cases and weapon drops. There’re also two new campaigns which are Wildfire and Gemini, where you go on multi-mission sessions.

A new type of missions is called Blitz Missions, which grant you bonus XP for performing specific tasks, and you must be Private Rank 3 or above to take part.

Nuke (de_nuke) is returning and it looks a bit different thanx to the new layout . The new Nuke is available in competitive matchmaking, and as part of the Operation Wildfire map group.

Read more on Operation Wildfire on its official page here.

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