Destiny PS4 vs PS3 Beta Screenshot Comparison

Destiny PS4 vs PS3 Beta Screenshot Comparison

When a game is announced as cross-generation between PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s easy to understand why many that moved to the current generation of consoles feel a measure of their excitement ebb away. Cross-generation games tend to penalize the current generation platforms rather heavily in order to accommodate the restriction of the old ones.

Below you can see some screenshot comparison  of the beta taken on PS4 and PS3 

Destiny-Beta_PS4_22 Destiny-Beta_PS4_21 Destiny-Beta_PS4_20 Destiny-Beta_PS4_19 Destiny-Beta_PS4_18 Destiny-Beta_PS4_17 Destiny-Beta_PS4_06 Destiny-Beta_PS4_08 Destiny-Beta_PS4_09 Destiny-Beta_PS4_12 Destiny-Beta_PS3_16 Destiny-Beta_PS3_17 Destiny-Beta_PS4_02 Destiny-Beta_PS4_16 Destiny-Beta_PS4_15 Destiny-Beta_PS4_01 Destiny-Beta_PS3_22 Destiny-Beta_PS4_13 Destiny-Beta_PS3_21 Destiny-Beta_PS3_20 Destiny-Beta_PS3_19 Destiny-Beta_PS3_18 Destiny-Beta_PS3_08 Destiny-Beta_PS3_09 Destiny-Beta_PS3_13 Destiny-Beta_PS3_14 Destiny-Beta_PS3_15 Destiny-Beta_PS3_06 Destiny-Beta_PS3_05 Destiny-Beta_PS3_02 Destiny-Beta_PS3_01

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