A Devil May Cry/Bayonetta crossover would be “Epic” according to Capcom Producer

A Devil May Cry/Bayonetta crossover would be “Epic” according to Capcom Producer

If you’re a fan of at least one of these two franchises you’ve probably thought about how cool and awesome would it be to have them mashed into one game. A game where Devil May Cry and Bayonetta characters and styles exist with unlimited combos potential and moves would be simply crazy. Rey Jimenez, a Capcom Producer totally agrees with the fans as a gamer himself.

Jimenez said in an interview that as a fan of the two games he would absolutely love a Devil May Cry/Bayonetta crossover in one way or the other and it would be “dope” and “mind-blowing”. However, what he said was labeled as his personal opinion and such game isn’t in development or planning at Capcom yet. Providing there’s a huge demand the company might consider such thing.

“Personally, as a developer and a gamer, I would love to do that, It would simply be the most insane, gonzo action game you would ever see, with tag-teams, back-and-forth switching, and combos. Hair-dragging attacks with stylish Dante or whoever coming in and doing stuff. So that would be an action dream come true.”

Capcom has to do a couple of agreements and license with Sega in order to bring such thing to life, but Jimenez assured that they’re always up for something new and cool if it’s possible.

“I’m sure Capcom is always up for doing new and cool things,” he said. “I don’t know if this will ever happen, but I can’t deny that the thought of it would be totally mind-blowing and epic.”

Latest game in the Devil May Cry franchise titled DmC is having a remaster treatment for current gen consoles as DmC: Definitive Edition.Meanwhile, Bayonetta 2 was released last year for Nintendo’s Wii U and had enjoyed a perfect 10 from a lot of reviews.

What do you think? would you love to see a crossover with everyone’s favorite demons’ killer Dante and the beautiful witch Bayonetta?

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