Donate 1$ to a charity and get Tomb Raider digital copy

Donate 1$ to a charity and get Tomb Raider digital copy

Do you fancy a copy of 2013’s hit game Tomb Raider while helping a good cause without costing you a fortune? We think you need to check this out.

GameChanger, a non-profit organization meant with life-threatining children diseases has launched its campaign in association with Square Enix where you can donate any sum of money starting at 1$ and get a digital copy of Tomb Raider. The donation will go straight to the sick children and their families.

If you pledge 20$ you’ll automatically enlist in a draw to win Crystal Dynamics swag back, which includes many goodies based off Tomb Raider franchise as well as a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider’s collector’s edition. The campaign will go on until April 5 or until copies run out, so check it out here.

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