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DreamHack Invitational Mumbai grand finals was clear from the start

DreamHack Invitational Mumbai may not be the biggest Esports event but it’s certainly not a bad one, especially after this south African team made a quick sweep to win it.


The ending started with “Championship bracket”. In this section of the championship, the winning team from the lower bracket returns for a second chance, along side the winners from the upper brackets, however as many expected from the beginning, the grand finals saw a repeat of the upper bracket finals, with the same results.

Bravado have been crowned champions of DreamHack Invitational Mumbai after defeating Signify 2-1 on Inferno (6-16), Train (16-11), and Dust2 (16-2).

DreamHack Invitational Mumbai final standings

1.  Bravado – $21,000
2.  Signify – $10,500
3.  eNergy – $3,000
4.  Entity – $500



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