DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 Asian qualifier welcomes the winning Arab team

DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 Asian qualifier welcomes the winning Arab team

We talked at the end of February about the Arab qualifying for DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 and now we come to remind you of the identity of the winner.


At the time, we reached the big finals that brought FATE from Kuwait after their victory against their opponent, They Do not Know, and NASR eSports of UAE, who won the semi-final on tribe with the same result.

The last game on the map of Inferno was the biggest surprise of the entire game, and because of the amazing performance of the FATE team, which was a pleasant surprise and perhaps the rise of new skills in the Arab arena, he managed to control the entire match and won a huge difference in results as evidence of his superiority by 16-6.

It was not long before NASR eSports came back to remind us of their great position among the professional Arab teams, where he managed to finish the second map Train for his advantage at 16-10.

The third and final map was over Overpass. The conflict was very high on this map. as It was the deciding point between the two. There was a nice coincidence with their draw in the number of rounds they won, forcing us to move on to additional rounds. FATE was not able to make much progress. To leave the remaining rounds to his opponent NASR eSports and become the last official winner of these qualifiers at the result 19-16 with a total score of 3-1.

We wish FATE a similar brilliance in their next matches, with official ratings issued for each player of the big finals, and found that the best player in terms of performance and excellence was from the ranks of FATE is Fayez ‘cheK1vl’ Saif from Kuwait.

Congratulations to NASR eSports for their impressive victory thanks to the fourth performance of Yousif ‘h1x’ Abdelsattar and fellow Mohammed ‘k1tkat’ Al-Nuaim, gaining a spot in the Asian closed qualifiers

On the occasion of these qualifiers, we remind you that they will be moving on from Mar 6th to Mar 8th with no financial reward, but only one seat for the World Event dedicated to those who win. Seven of the eight teams has been revealed in this tournament. All these teams are :

B.O.O.T-d [S]
NASR eSports
Tainted Minds

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