DreamHack Open Denver 2017 qualifiers details revealed

DreamHack Open Denver 2017 qualifiers details revealed

ESEA has recently announced that it will be responsible for hosting the qualifiers for the upcoming DreamHack Open Denver 2017 tournament.


There have been several DreamHack tournaments in many countries such as Atlanta, Montreal and Austin. Now the tournament will return to North America for a fast stop in Denver, which will run from 20 October to 22 January within the National Western Complex.

Eight teams in total will participate in this tournament to try to take a share of the prize money of $ 100 thousand, and we know that there are six teams of them will be invited by Dream Hack and the rest of the seats will be filled through open qualifiers through the Internet for each of the regions Europe and North America.

The qualifiers will be the same for each of the two regions, and will begin with the open qualifying phase, which will involve about 512 teams, eight of them will only move to the closed qualifying stage, and there will join eight other teams officially invited to participate in these qualifiers , And the only winner after the meeting of sixteen strong team will win a seat in the Championship DreamHack Open Denver 2017.

Not only did he announce the start date of these qualifiers, and fortunately he will start and end at the same time for North America and Europe, where the open playoffs will start on September 23 while the closed will take place the next day on 24 September.

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