DreamHack Open Montreal 2017 group stage details

DreamHack Open Montreal 2017 group stage details

The first phase of DreamHack Open Montreal 2017 will begin within a few days and is definitely the main group stage.

At this stage we will see a competition between eight teams, six of whom were invited to the tournament directly, leaving only two of them who won the results of the final qualifying stage.

All the teams participating in the tournament were announced today after the announcement of their division into two groups, the first containing a mixture of European teams and the second on professional teams from Brazil and the United States.

Here are the teams organized according to their official division during the group stage of the tournament :


Group A Group B
 North  Immortals
 CLG  Cloud9
 Kinguin  compLexity
 Gale Force  Luminosity


Not only that, but we also have a schedule of all the matches that will start the group stage, on Friday the approval of the eighth of September, as follows :


vs. Gale Force

vs. compLexity

vs. Kinguin

vs. Luminosity

As we see, the first game of this season will bring together the well-known North against Gale Force, and on Saturday 9 September we will see the group elimination phase until we reach the semi-finals and finals on the following day.
Championship DreamHack Open Montreal 2017 Players are awarded a prize worth up to $ 100 thousand dollars.

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