ECS S4 EU Promotion League matches details

ECS S4 EU Promotion League matches details

We have recently received all the important details of the launch of the EU Promotion League for the fourth season of the ECS, which is the final stage before reaching the main event.



The most recent teams in this league are Heroic and Space Soldiers after they took the first and second place in the previous League Development League, despite having eight strong professional teams, with Danish team Heroic ranking first with 11 wins While their Turkish rival Space Soldiers dominated second place with nine wins.

For the sake of Coincidence, in the ECS EU Promotion we will see an old competition between Space Soldiers and, which we have seen exactly like it in the third season of the tournament and the league itself, and we do not know if fate will repeat itself for the second time or it will be more ferocious, but its surly exciting anyways.

The second match will be between Heroic and Team Dignitas. All matches will take place on 23 and 24 September, and they are all as follows : vs. Space Soldiers
dignitas vs. Heroic

More information will come of course when the sponsoring organization decides to reveal it, but we do not have to wait very long for the first match to be set next Saturday, within a few days, and all the details we need for performance, results, etc. will be in front of our eyes.

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