ELEAGUE first season concludes with a deserved win by Virtus.Pro

ELEAGUE first season concludes with a deserved win by Virtus.Pro

Events of the first-ever televised Esports tournament “ELEAGUE” concluded last night with a return from the Russian favorites Virtus.Pro. The team came back from the dead to reclaim its position as one of the best CS: GO teams.

ELEAGUE’s finals put Virtus.Pro facing off Fnatic where the russian bears emerged victorious after a year of weak performance. Virtus showed no mercy towards Fnatic. Even after the Swedes established an early 7-1 lead on series opener Cobblestone, Virtus came together and won six rounds on the first half. Once Virtus got on the terrorist side, it was over for Fnatic as the team only dropped one round throughout the second half.

The second map of the series, Mirage, was an even stronger display of power from Virtus, who never let up on either half. Fnatic threw everything it had against the Poles, but it didn’t seem to matter as Virtus’ Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski delivered a monstrous performance. His 30 kills pushed him to the top of scoreboard.

Aside from being crowned champions of ELEAGUE’s inaugural season, Virtus also leave the tournament with $390,000 in prize money. Now the only question is whether Virtus will be able to defend their title in the league’s second season later this year.

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