ELEAGUE put in a direct comparison with NBA and more

ELEAGUE put in a direct comparison with NBA and more

Esports saw its first mainstream TV debut with ELEAGUE, the CS: GO tournament which started a couple of weeks ago on TBS network to be the first tournament broadcasted on a national TV. With the success ELEAGUE had so far, can we now compare it to other tournaments of real sports?

According to GameLoco report, ELEAGUE attracted over 509 average viewers since its debut May 26. This number of viewers surpassed the average viewership of NBA’s current season on NBA TV as well as NHL on NBC Sports. Even though the numbers are quite big and amazing, they’re still no match for the NBA season on other channels, as TNT, ESPN and abc have 1.7m to 3.9 million viewers on average.

We remind you again that ELEAGUE is still the first experience on national TV, so just it being compared to any real sports league is impressive by itself and it’ll surely become bigger and bigger as the market and demand continue to grow.


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