ESEA Premier S26 Mountain Dew League details

ESEA Premier S26 Mountain Dew League details

The ESEA Premier organizer revealed today all the details of the European, Australian and North American teams of the 26th season of the Mountain Dew League.


All teams within these three regions will compete for the final event of the season. We have a large number of professional teams in each region, more than 20 teams.

It is worth mentioning that the section for Europe region left a seat for the winner in ESL UK and seat of the winner in ESL Poland, the rest of the participating teams are as follows:


 Kinguin  Space Soldiers
 VITALIS  Epsilon
 FlipSid3  Nexus
 North Academy  aAa
 fnatic Academy  PENTA
 PRIDE  Spirit
 Playing Ducks  Singularity
 Fragsters  Gambit
 eXtatus  MK
 Crowns  passions
 Invictus Aquilas  CHAOS

Here is a list of participating teams from North America, which has been fully announced as follows:

 Blight  Beacon
 Torqued  CLG Academy
 Muffin Lightning  subtLe
 Denial  Nitrious
 Mythic  Naventic
 FRENCH CANADIANS  Rudy’s Players Club
 Bushido Boyz  Adaptation
 Rise Nation  ex-Broken Alliance
 LFAO  Gorilla Core
 inVictus Morior  GX
 Mask Off  Gale Force

We finally come to the Australian section of the tournament, which includes 17 teams that have been identified as follows:

Athletico  AVANT
 Chiefs  Corvidae
 Dark Sided  Funkd
 SIN  Grayhound
 Kings  Legacy
 Masterminds  SYF
 Tainted Minds  Conspiracy
 Tyrant  seadoggs

It is worth mentioning that the events of this league will begin on 24 September, while the finals of ESEA Premier have not been located so far.

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