ESEA S25 Global Challenge group stage details and more

ESEA S25 Global Challenge group stage details and more

Today, many interesting details have been revealed about the biggest league of season 25 of the ESEA, the Global Challenge Championships.



eight participating teams having been split into two groups.

Of course, all the teams participating in this league came from the best professionals and high-ranking players in the previous league of the same championship MDL, from all its main parts: Europe, North America and also Australia.

The group matches will begin in California on September 23,

Group A                             Group B
Space Soldiers                    Rise Nation
Grayhound                          FlipSid3
Kinguin                               Mythic

As for the matches, on the first day we will see the elimination of the low teams from each group and the transfer of the winner of the first and second place only to the semi-final on the next day, September 24, which will also be the big finals.

Below you can see the official schedule for the first team matches in the first stage of the groups, and our first date will be with strong competition between Space Soldiers and Grayhound.

Space Soldiers vs. Grayhound
FlipSid3 vs. Mythic
Rise Nation vs. TeamOne

Brazil will be absent from next season’s 26th World Challenge, as we have already mentioned before, and fortunately it will leave a mark this season 25 thanks to the participation of the Brazilian team TeamOne.

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