ESL One New York 2017 will not apply the latest update

ESL One New York 2017 will not apply the latest update

As many of those who follow the events of the Counter-Strike shooting game, Global Offensive, know that a recent major update of the game has been launched.



However, the amendments to this update will not be effective in the next tournament ESL One New York 2017, as announced by the officials responsible for organizing the tournament, led by director Jonas “Bsl” Alsaker Vikan.

Bsl said through an official publication on the social networking site Reddit, that the subject was discussed internally and with the teams participating in the tournament, and was relying on the exclusion of the latest update of the game and rely on the previous version of the game.
The reason, he said, was that there was not enough time for professional players to get used to the big changes brought about by the update.

ESL One New York 2017 will soon start at the Barclays Center, and the first match will be between SK and EnVyUs, as well as a strong match between FaZe and The tournament will last until next Sunday with a cash prize of 250 one thousand dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the latest update was released as a trial version under, and modified the weapon Glock and P250, where the adjustment of their strength and the range allocated to them and another set of details you find in the previous article about the great update.

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