ESL new event Clash of Nations will crown the champions of Europe

ESL new event Clash of Nations will crown the champions of Europe

ESL has announced a new tournament, perhaps the biggest in Europe’s history, with the title of Clash of Nations, and certainly related to the famous Counter-Strike shooting competition: Global Offensive.



This new tournament will take place in Spain within the Madrid Games Experience on October 27-28.

The participating teams have been at the forefront of ESL’s numerous tournaments, and we have eight teams from six different tournaments, so most of the organization’s tournaments will be poorly attended at this new event.

The six tournaments we are talking about are :

Mistrzostwa Polski
German Meisterschaft
British Premiership
South Eastern Championship
Masters Spain
French Championnat National

We have already revealed the identity of some teams participating in the events of this new tournament, and we have the Spanish team Movistar Riders and four other teams announced as follows :

Movistar Riders

EnVyUs Academy


Of course we are still waiting to reveal the identity of three other teams to complete the final list, and the winner of this tournament Clash of Nations will be crowned with a great moral award, as the best professional team in the whole of Europe.

We are currently waiting for ESL to provide us with further details on the distribution of the teams, the date of departure, the financial award and other background information, which we expect to reveal in the coming weeks.

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