“Esports” is now an official word in the dictionary

“Esports” is now an official word in the dictionary

Esports have been on the roll worldwide recently, from big tournaments that gather millions to official support by colleges giving pro players scholarships and recognizing them as athletes. Things are getting better for this competitive world as the “Esports” term is now officially in the dictionary.

Esports addition came in the latest batch of new terms to be added to the official English dictionary website. A couple of video games’ words alongside Esports have been added as well. There is “Permadeath” which was defined as (the permanent death of a defeated character, after which the player of the game cannot continue with the same character) and “Completionist” (a player who attempts to complete every challenge and earn every achievement or trophy in a video game).

The official definition of Esports according to the blog is: “competitive tournaments of video games, especially among professional gamers.” And to prevent confusion between the many ways to say the word, Esports was chosen and not the likes of e-sports, eSports or whatever other writings might be.


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