EU LCS week 8 power rankings in League of Legends

EU LCS week 8 power rankings in League of Legends

With just one week left before playoffs, the EU LCS has devolved into a big giant games.



All 10 teams are in line for a shot at the post season. Only Fnatic are safe, and the No. 1 seed to boot. Nearly anything can happen in the spots below them—it’s that crazy.

At numerous points in the season, teams like Unicorns of Love, ROCCAT, and H2k looked like they were teetering. But somehow, after eight weeks of play, all of them are still alive. With how bad most EU LCS teams have been this split, any team in this group that goes 2-0 in the last week will have a great chance at the playoffs.

As always we will start the power rankings for week eight from EU LCS from the bottom

10- H2k (5 points).

9- Unicorns of Love (9 points).

8- Giants Gaming (10 points).

7- ROCCAT (17 points).

6- FC Schalke 04 (19 points).

5- Vitality (26 points).

4- Misfits (26 points).

3- G2 (33 points).

2- Splyce (36 points).

1- Fnatic (39 points).

Fnatic have reaped the benefits of a Meta that fits their ADC-centric play style. They’ve shored up weaknesses in the mid lane as well.

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