Everything you need to know about MSI 2019 in League of Legends

We must be preparing because the drums of war thunder once again with Mid-Season Invitational 2019 in League of Legends.

We are just few days away from the first big international event of the year for League of Legends. MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) 2019 will see the best teams in the world face off to see who can top off the first half of the year with an international trophy in Vietnam and Taiwan this year.

Before that, however, we need to set up the beginning stages of the tournament with the 2019 MSI Play-in Draw Show. Eight regional teams will be split into two groups for MSI’s Play-in Group Stage. Meanwhile, representatives of the LCS and LMS get a first-round bye and will head straight to the Play-in Knockout Stage.

The 10 regional teams competing in the MSI 2019 Play-ins are:

  • 1- INTZ e-SportsCBLOL (Brazil).
  • 2- Vega SquadronLCL (CIS).
  • 3- DetonatioN FocusMeLJL (Japan).
  • 4- BombersOPL (Oceania).
  • 5- 1907 Fenerbahçe EsporTCL (Turkey).
  • 6- Phong BuffaloVCS (Vietnam).
  • 7- Team LiquidLCS (North America).
  • 8- Flash WolvesLMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau).
  • 9- MegaLST (Southeast Asia).
  • 10- Isurus GamingLLA (Latin America).

The winner from Group A will play against Team Liquid while Group B’s winner will have to go up against Flash Wolves for a spot at the group stage. The losers of the play-in knockout matches will have one last chance to qualify in an elimination match to join Invictus Gaming, G2 Esports and SK Telecom T1 at the group stage.


Thirteen teams from across the globe will be taking part in the event either in the play-in or group stage. The LPL, LEC, and LCK teams will be placed directly into the group stage, while the LMS and LCS teams will have to fight their way into that stage through the second round of the play-in format. All of the Wildcard teams will be placed into round one of the play-in stage.

Here are all of the teams attending to MSI 2019, as well as how they qualified.

LCS (North America)

  • Team Liquid: Liquid secured their spot at MSI by beating TSM in the LCS Spring Split finals 3-2 on April 13.

LEC (Europe)

  • G2 Esports: G2 destroyed Origen in the LEC Spring Split finals on April 14 to advance to MSI for the first time since 2017.

LCK (Korea)

  • SK Telecom T1: SKT beat Griffin in the LCK finals on April 13 3-0 to win the spring title.

LPL (China)

  • Invictus Gaming: The world champions are returning to the international stage after a 3-0 victory against JD Gaming on April 20.

LMS (Taiwan/HK/Macao)

  • Flash Wolves: As per usual, Flash Wolves are representing the LMS after a 3-0 victory over MAD Team in the LMS Spring Playoff finals.

VCS (Vietnam)

  • Phong Vu Buffalo: EVO Esports’ hopes of a return to international play at a home MSI were crushed by the Buffalo’s 3-1 during April 13’s VCS Spring Playoff finals.

CBLOL (Brazil)

  • INTZ e-Sports: INTZ return to the international scene after their 3-2 victory over Flamengo Esports in the CBLOL Summer Playoff finals.


  • Vega Squadron:  VEega beat Elements Pro Gaming 3-1 on April 14 to win the LCL Spring Playoffs title.

LLA (Latin America)

  • Isurus Gaming: Rainbow7 fell to Isurus in the LLA Opening Playoff finals on April 3-0 3-1.

TCL (Turkey)

  • 1907 Fenerbahce:  1907 crushed former SKT support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan’s SuperMassive Gaming 3-0 on April 13’s TCL Winter Playoff finals to advance to the international stage once again.

LJL (Japan)

  • DetonatioN FocusMe: DetonatioN advance to MSI after beating Unsold Stuff Gaming in the LPL Spring Playoff finals 3-0 on April 13.

OPL (Oceania)

  • Bombers: The Bombers beat ORDER 3-0 at the OPL Split 1 Playoff Finals on April 6 to represent the Oceanic region.

SEA (Southeast Asia)

  • Mega will represent SEA in MSi 2019 this year.


Just like with all major League events, MSI will be streamed on Twitch in multiple languages.


The play-in and group stage will take place in Vietnam, while the knockout round and finals will be held in Taiwan.

The play-in stage will be played at the GG Stadium (the VCS studio) in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The group stage will take place at the National Convention Center in Hanoi, Vietnam. The knockout round and beyond will be played at the Heping Basketball Gymnasium in Taipei, Taiwan.

Prize pool

Alongside a shiny international title for the winning team, at least $1 million will be on offer to split between everyone competing. This prize pool will also increase through sales of Conqueror Alistar Skin, which is set to release before the event takes place.

The Mid-Season Invitational 2019 starts Wednesday on May 1.

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