Far Cry 4 DLC Content Release Date Revealed

Far Cry 4 DLC Content Release Date Revealed

Thankfully, there’s a new DLC coming out that fixes that by throwing you weaponless and naked into a prison cell with Far Cry 3‘s crazy and chaotic Hurk. Escape from Durgesh Prison is coming out on January 13 for $9.99 (free for any season pass holders out there) and tasks you with surviving a series of time trial challenges.
It can be played single player or co-op, meaning you can fight naked and weaponless with a friend, if that’s what you’re into. No idea how permadeath works in co-op, as apparently if you die you’ll have to start the whole thing back over from the start. Hopefully you won’t have either one friend bored waiting to try from the start or a friend annoyed at restarting when they didn’t die.

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