Faze and Astralis into ELEAGUE Premier 2017 grand finals

Faze and Astralis into ELEAGUE Premier 2017 grand finals

The big finals of the ELEAGUE Premier 2017 will be a confrontation between a European giant and a professional team from Denmark after they both exit the semi-finals.


Astralis are the first grand finalist of ELEAGUE Premier 2017 after defeating Cloud9 on three maps(12-16 on Mirage, 16-14 on Overpass and 16-4 on Inferno) in the last-four stage.

The decider map was Inferno, where Astralis got off to a flying start on the CT side as they cruised to an overwhelming 14-1 lead after giving Cloud9 very little room to operate throughout the half.

The North Americans refused to throw in the towel, and picked up the CT pistol and the subsequent two rounds. But after buying up, gla1ve’s squad regained control of proceedings, winning back-to-back rounds to take the map, 16-4, and seal passage to the grand final.

FaZe have joined Astralis in tomorrow’s ELEAGUE Premier grand final following a 2-0 victory over North (Mirage 16-12, Inferno 16-10).

After Astralis took down Cloud9 in the first semi-final in Atlanta, it was time for the other Danish team, North to go toe-to-toe with FaZe for the second spot in the grand final.

FaZe won their third pistol in a row and got off to a great 5-1 start on the offense of Inferno. An eco with just CZ-75’s then allowed North to climb back to a two-round deficit, but Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s men soon distanced themselves again, as the Danes had to save guns twice in a row.

MSL & co. managed to save their chances by winning three out of the last four rounds, ending the half at 6-9 in favor of FaZe. rain’s two crucial kills in a retake on the B bombsite then made it four out of four pistols for his team, although that time Northmustered a reply in the following round’s forcebuy after a bomb plant.

Two rounds later, FaZe destroyed the Danes with pistols of their own, which helped the multi-national roster to get to 14. With a successful B attack, North broke the streak, but for naught; FaZe closed out the series at 16-10.

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