FaZe Clan is back on top of the world of CS: GO with EPICENTER win

It may have been the year of Astralis so far, but that doesn’t mean that their rivals FaZe Clan will stop at anything to claim the remaining CS: GO titles for the year, as it had made clear with a big win at the EPICENTER event a few hours ago

The annual tournament, which took place in the Russian capital Moscow, has given us some strong competitions involving most of the world renowned teams. However, it can only belong to one team, and that is FaZe Clan. The European / American team showed their ability to dominate their opponents, with the last of them being Natus Vincere in a strong finale ending with a double map victory for the champions.

Although Na’Vi has strongly returned to the global stage of CS: GO over the past few weeks, that was not enough to overthrow the FaZe Clan team in this $ 295,000 championship final. It started with Mirage map, where FaZe showed excellent offensive performance despite the fatigue of their players in the semi-final against Team Liquid a few hours earlier. That did not deter them from advancing strongly to achieve a 10-5 score in the first half followed by a win in the second round of pistols .

Na’Vi did not handle the match over without a fight. With several successful rebounds, the team managed to reduce the gap to an extent, but Nikola “NiKo” Kovac and his teammates were already close to the finish point with a few more round wins, ending 16-12 despite the amazing performance of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev with 24 kills at the end of the game.

Na’Vi players couldn’t catch their breath for a while until FaZe came back at them again with the start of the next map Dust II, which marked the start of the ending for the Ukrainian team with a devastating performance scoring 12-3 destroying Na’Vi’s confidence in winning the tournament. It was all over shortly after at the second half of the game with the legendary squad reaching 16-3, making FaZe Clan the world champion again, with NiKo winning the MVP and winning the Grand Prix with pride.

EPICENTER is the first win for the team since ESL One Belo Horizonte last June with Jorgen “cromen” Robertsen being substitute for Olof “olofmeister” Kjajber back then. Ever since, the team came too close to win other major titles with fierce confrontations preventing them from achieving them, most notably FaZe’s match against Astralis in the FACEIT Major: London semi-finals. Despite winning both Liquid and Na’Vi, the biggest challenge for the team will remain with the Astralis team, which has not intersected roads with at this event. We will be waiting for the two giants to meet during the remaining tournaments for 2018 eagerly.

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