Final Fantasy XV to last around 50 hours

Final Fantasy XV to last around 50 hours

Few new details were revealed a couple of days ago by Hajime Tabata regarding the most anticipated Final Fantasy release yet, including how long to beat the main game scenario and more.

According to the stream held by Tabata, Final Fantasy XV will take players around 50 hours to finish the main quests. This is more than originally planned as the team expected previously to hit the 40 hours mark. The increased duration is due to the increase in the game’s volume and how it grew bigger than before.

The team is currently stabilizing the game according to Tabata, as they hope to hit the constant 30 fps rate on home consoles. However, if the team can’t maintain that frame rate it’ll have to look for different ways to keep the game playing smoothly said Tabata. Resolution is yet to be announced but it’ll be revealed in an event at Los Angeles this week.

Tabata touched upon the Airship and its inclusion in the game, saying that the fan-favorite is to appear at certain situations only since it was added by request later in development.

No release date is announced as of yet, but we’ll find out in the game’s upcoming big event. It won’t be for another year if the developers’ promise is to be taken heartfully. PC version was both teased and leaked, so we’ll await an announcement on that too.

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