Final Fantasy XV Uncovered brings lots of surprises

Final Fantasy XV Uncovered brings lots of surprises

Square Enix fulfilled the promise by revealing lots of information that fans were waiting for regarding Final Fantasyt XV and made few surprises that will undoubtedly impress you, as the game is now getting a full featured CG movie with voices by Game of Thrones stars, an Anime series, and a full playable demo available right now on PS4 and Xbox One.

As the leaks suggested, the long-awaited RPG will release on September 30. The stage set included a big red button hosts Greg Miller and Tim Gettys pushed to reveal the release date. Miller made a little dig about how his peers at Gamespot “pushed the button early” to leak this news.

A free, standalone 4.5GB spin-off game is available today on PS4 and Xbox One. Players take control of young Noctis, and it includes battle gameplay and even a drivable car. It’s called Platinum Demo, but is all new-content rather than a part of Final Fantasy 15. It has been designed to appeal to everyone – not just existing fans – but will unlock free DLC for Final Fantasy 15.

We also got a new anime series, Brotherhood: Final Fantasy, filling in the backstory of the four main characters. It will be released for free online. Episode 1 is available now, and all five episodes will be released before launch. There is a trailer and you can also watch the first episode here:

Square Enix also announced a new feature-length CGI movie called King’s Glaive. It has been in the works in secret for three years, and will release for download and streaming, worldwide, before Final Fantasy 15 launches. It features Luna and Regis in a story that takes place during the events of Final Fantasy 15. Luna Freya is voiced by Game of Thrones star Lena Headey. Fellow Game of Thrones star Sean Bean plays Regis, as well as Aaron Paul, best known for Breaking Bad. Watch the awesome trailer below:

A special edition was announced, named Deluxe Edition which includes a steelbook case, a copy of King’s Glaive on disc, and extra DLC. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes that as well as a Noctis statue, a soundtrack, a special box, a hard cover art book and more DLC. You can pre-order those from the Square Enix store.

Take a look at the new gameplay trailer. Final Fantasy XV releases on PS4 and Xbox One September 30 then.

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