First Picture of the new Hitman appears , game won’t be shown at E3

First Picture of the new Hitman appears , game won’t be shown at E3

First concept art of the next Hitman game was released by IO Interactive , the developer behind the Hitman series , sadly , they also announced that the new Hitman will miss E3 2014 altogether .

“We’ve seen a lot of people talking about what we might be bringing to E3 this year. We know the worst thing is to hope for something that doesn’t turn up; so we wanted to let you know that our next Hitman is going to be under wraps for a bit longer.

“We’re focusing all of our time and efforts into creating the best possible Hitman game. That’s our number one priority and we don’t want to divert valuable resources to show something before it’s ready.”


“This location is set in Central Europe and you’ll be able to explore the entire building you see in the image, inside and out. For a sense of scale, the building on its own is larger than any location in Hitman Absolution.”

Are you excited for the new next-gen Hitman reveal ? 

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