Fnatic harvests their second tournament win this year at WESG 2017 CS: GO finals

Fnatic harvests their second tournament win this year at WESG 2017 CS: GO finals

European champions are back at it again with another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive win for this year, making it big at $1.5 million dollars WESG 2017 CS: GO tournament


The Grand Final put Fnatic against Turkish superstars Space Soldiers, where the later had the match of their lifetime against the international superstars. Swedish champions performed a great show proving their worth and winning the title, a win that made Maikil “Golden” Selim confirm he’s staying as in-game leader of the team after reports of him being replaced just days ago.

Space Soldiers efforts shouldn’t go ignored though, as the players were on top of their game earlier today proving to be a tough opponent. Cobblestone map win for Fnatic motivated SS to do better on Inferno, where they managed to retain a 7-0 lead in the first half then continuing to trade blows until past overtime with 19-16 win thanks to Bugra “Calyx” Arkin insane plays.

The final map was Mirage, and it held the most impressive showing out of the three maps as Fnatic was seemingly defeated 14-7 before making a huge comeback winning 8 rounds in a row and taking home the title at 16-14 flipping the tables entirely.

Players are returning home with $800,000 for first place after proving their dominance in China. With this new win we can’t wait to see how Fnatic will do at next CS: GO event, DreamHack Masters Marsille.

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