Fnatic and Worlds 2017 in League of Legends

Fnatic and Worlds 2017 in League of Legends

Fnatic will be Europe’s No. 3 seed at Worlds 2017 in China after the team destroyed H2K Gaming 3-0 in the Regional Qualifier finals.



In the first game of this series, Fnatic took a comfortable lead after an aggressive start gave them three kills and a 3,000 gold lead in the opening five minutes.

Fnatic continued to apply pressure until the very end, suffocating H2K’s objective plays. H2K had to deal with the looming threat of Fnatic as the game went on.

The second game, H2K led for the majority of the game and looked on course to tie the series—until Fnatic fired back at the 25-minute mark.

A Baron steal was the catalyst for Fnatic’s late surge as they denied H2K the buff that would have allowed them to open up their base. Fnatic grabbed the second Baron to turn the game on its head and destroy H2K.

This win meant Fnatic needed just one more victory to cement their place at Worlds.

Sadly for H2K fans, however, their team fell apart once again in the early game and any hopes of a victory were dashed.

H2K tried to trade objectives with Fnatic, but it was not meant to be, as Fnatic proved too powerful and took the third game in comfortable fashion.

Now Fnatic will pack their bags to prepare for Worlds when the tournament kicks off on Sept. 23. Fnatic will start in the play-in round and will need to beat the international wildcard teams to have any hopes of reaching the group stage.

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