FONTAN won’t participate in ELEAGUE Major 2018 CIS qualifiers

FONTAN won’t participate in ELEAGUE Major 2018 CIS qualifiers

The Russian team FONTAN won the special qualifications of the CIS qualifiers, which is directly related to the ELEAGUE Major 2018.


However Nemiga Gaming will replace FONTAN at the CIS Minor, the Belarusian team have revealed.

The announcement was made by Nemiga on, adding that PGL, the organisers of the CIS Minor, will release a statement on the matter on Friday.

In a VK post, FONTAN confirmed that they will not be able to attend the Minor and claimed that Dmitry “Ezzo” Kosov failed to submit a scanned copy of his passport to the tournament organisers, resulting in the team’s disqualification.

The Russian team had come under fire after it was revealed that at least two of their players have active bans for cheating on FACEIT. Spirit Academy, one of the teams who lost to FONTAN in the qualifier, filed a protest after the match, with CEVO promising that all disputes would be investigated.

Nemiga had lost to FONTAN on three maps in the qualifier’s 5th-6th place decider. The Minor will be the first of two international events for the team, who have also qualified for the WESG Europe & CIS Regional Finals via the Eastern Europe qualifier.

Meanwhile, a conversation involving Ezzo was leaked online. The FONTAN player confirms that his team used “soft cheats, for sure” in the qualifier, adding that he decided not to attend the Minor as he “did not want to ruin the dream of those who live to play the game.” He also revealed that he never expected his teammates to actually want to compete at the Minor.

The CIS Minor will run from October 26-29 at the PGL studios, in Bucharest, with $50,000 and two spots at the Main Qualifier for ELEAGUE Major 2018 : Boston up for grabs. Below you can find the current team list for the event:

 Spirit  Tengri
 AVANGAR  pro100
 Quantum Bellator Fire  NOTBAD
 Nemiga  Fantazeri


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