Gambit and other huge team invited to EPICENTER 2017

Gambit, the world champion and winner of this year’s grand event, will be present at the upcoming EPICENTER 2017 Shooting Game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The team was invited directly by the organizers after a recent video appeared a few days ago to hint at his presence but did not confirm it clearly.

Gambit is the third team to be confirmed for the tournament. their victory in the big event, PGL Major Krakow , has had a big impact on the interest of the companies. Despite the departure of professional player Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, they still have good performance as they finished in the four ranks The first at the last DreamHack Masters Malmö, which was won by G2 Esports after their recent victory over North, as we discussed in detail in the last report of the tournament finals.

Last week, SK and Astralis were invited to the event to be the first international teams to receive such an invitation.

As for the identity of the fourth team was also unveiled in a future statement, and found that the team Polish is the fourth team to receive a direct invitation to the event.

It is interesting that this particular team was present at the last finals of last year’s EPICENTER Championship, but sadly it was unfortunate for the losing side, after the North Danish team won the finals over three different maps showing a clear shine in performance, His home with a prize money of $ 250 thousand dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the tournament has invited only four teams so far, but the promotional video we talked about above hinted at the presence of the world famous team FaZe Clan in the events of the tournament, so we look forward to calling to it soon sometime in the coming days.

The current list of teams called is as follows:

  • SK
  • Astralis
  • Gambit

Eight teams will be invited to attend the EPICENTER 2017, and two of the final seats have been left to the winner of the tournament, so we are now waiting to announce the invitation of four other teams to complete the number.

The tournament will start on October 23 and will be held in the Russian Federation. It will be played in the large Yubileyny Sports Palace, with a prize of $ 500,000 for the 10 teams to compete for even a small part. Of the large financial prize.


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