GTA IV’s graphics engines beats Watch Dogs in details !

GTA IV’s graphics engines beats Watch Dogs in details !

Probably the most talked about game of the year , we can’t deny that Watch Dogs lacks in several fields in graphics department , although beautiful to look at , the graphics were criticized by players for unrealistic reflections and invisible shadows , along with weird unrealistic physics and low damage effects , the thing that got one of youtube’s users to upload a video comparing GTA IV’s 6 years old engine to Watch Dogs that was released couple of days ago , watch for yourself how Rockstar’s engine still manages to outdo Ubisoft’s in its new open-world hacking game :

Of course this isn’t for the sake of downgrading Watch Dogs visuals in your eyes but just to point out the differences between the details of the two games.

What do you think ? are you surprised how GTA IV still holds up after all these years in front of a game that is supposedly next gen ? let us know in the comments.

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