Masters ends with ISSAA taking the lead for HellRaisers
10 Masters ends with ISSAA taking the lead for HellRaisers Masters the CS:GO event recently finished after a spectacular performance from the Arab side, which lasted until the last minute of the fight and helped the HellRaisers win.


HellRaisers defeated North 2-1 (16-14 Cache, 6-16 Overpass, 19-17 Inferno) to claim the Masters title.

Issa “ISSAA” Murad’s 3K in the Terrorist side pistol round on Cache set up HellRaisers for a solid start to the grand final, but they weren’t able to capitalize on it, instantly getting reset by North’s Deagle buy. The Danes took control of the half from there, building up the lead convincingly, while HellRaisers were only able to win sporadic rounds and never follow up on them.

With Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye leading the way, North had a 10-5 advantage going into the second half. Vladyslav “bondik”Nechyporchuk played a key part in the second pistol, clutching a 1v1, and allowed his team to get back into the game.

In a mirror of the first half, HellRaisers were now dictating the pace of the game and having money control, coming back from the five-round deficit to take the 12-11 lead. Mathias “MSL”Lauridsen’s squad woke up towards the end of the second half, but HellRaisers were still able to close out their map pick, 16-14.

Overpass started with North mopping up the whole Terrorist team as they encroached towards A in the pistol, and followed that up with two more rounds won. In the first buy round, HellRaisers got into a very advantageous situation, however, Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså saved his side with a 1v3 hold.

North had 5-0 lead before Kirill “ANGE1” Karasiow’s hat-trick on the B offensive got his team on the board, HellRaisers then followed that up and closed the gap to 5-4. Then valde showed up big again, dancing around smokes on A to pick up a quad kill and get North back on a roll.

HellRaisers were 10-5 down going into the second half, and after losing a 1v3 situation to Philip “aizy” Aistrup in the pistol round, looked down and out of Overpass. ANGE1’s team managed to add one more round to their score, but a successful B rush and some good clutching sealed the deal for North on their map pick, 16-6.

ISSAA’s clunky clutch in the pistol round was just what HellRaisers needed, giving them a good start on Inferno after a lackluster showing on Overpass. The mixed team with a Ukrainian base built up on that, with Bence “DeadFox” Böröcz’s 4K in round five and double entry in round six proving crucial for his team (6-0).

After being shut down by the Hungarian on the B site approach, North switched their focus towards A and finally got on the board. It started with Daniel “mertz” Mertz winning the AWP duel in mid over Özgür “woxic” Eker, while MSL got the key mid-round frags.

Unable to string together a few rounds, the Danish team found themselves playing with weak buys in the next few rounds, on which HellRaisers capitalized, taking an 11-1 lead. MSL’s team salvaged the half somewhat at the end, with clutches going their way to finishing it 11-4.

By winning the second pistol and following it up with good anti-ecos, North started to build momentum. A lot of aggression in the first buy round of the second half proved successful for the Danes, and they cut further into HellRaisers’ lead, chaining a total of six CT rounds (11-10).

After losing a round to a well-timed CZ-75 push, North instantly bounced back and took the lead, going up 13-12. In desperate times, in the games’ closing stages, bondik pulled-off back-to-back hero plays, clutching a 1v3 and then a 1v4 to the delight of the Ukrainian crowd.

HellRaisers were looking to get to match point as they had a 1v4 after plant on B, but aizy took down one and sneaked in a smoke defuse (14-14), helping his side force overtime in the end.

The back-and-forth continued into the added rounds, but HellRaisers were able to close out the game in the end, with North’s B split shut down to make the final score 19-17.

Final standings:

1.  HellRaisers – $50,000 + StarSeries S5 spot
2.  North – $20,000
3.  Fragsters – $15,000
4. – $7,500
5-6.  Gambit – $2,500
5-6.  GODSENT – $2,500
7-8.  Red Reserve – $1,500
7-8.  forZe – $1,500

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