Help us reduce games prices in the middle east region, take a step gamers !

Help us reduce games prices in the middle east region, take a step gamers !

How many times have you loved a game so much that you wanted to own an original copy in a legal way ? Did you ever sit back and said “am i doing the wrong thing getting games that tens of people worked on for years, for free?”..

How about being a part of a petition that forces big names and publishers reconsider the pricing in the Middle East ? because some gamers have taken the first step for you and did a petition asking Valve -owners of Steam platform- to consider gamers in the region, giving them affordable prices that makes it easy for them to continue their hobby in a legal way and  to start fighting games piracy for PC.

The petition says : “Currently Piracy rates in the Middle east according to BSA global studies can be up to 90% ! with an average of 60% !” and “By signing this, you will increase our chances of being heard and you will help the region to purchase and use original digital products and make their a life a bit easier.”, so give it a shot … let your voice be heard and be a part of the change.

You can sign the petition through this link right here, help those gamers get original games for a cheap price everyone can pay, it won’t take more than minutes to sign in with your facebook account and share it with your friends :


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