Here are some Final Fantasy XV news straight from Gamescom

Here are some Final Fantasy XV news straight from Gamescom

The Germany-based games convention Gamescom has been giving us plenty to be excited about, including new gameplay trailers and information on upcoming games. Final Fantasy XV is no exception as Square Enix shared some more details about the RPG title as we were promised.

Director Hajime Tabata spoke about new details regarding the game at the event. He was asked by the fans about whether or not would FFXV have some sort of airships, to which he answered that the team is hard at work and will be studying technical possibilities for adding this feature. Tabata really wants to include an airship in one way or another even if it came out as a DLC to the game.

Cross Chain combo system is being tweaked and developed more, and there will be a third system not seen in Episode Duscae demo that came out with the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. As for the main villain of the game, Tabata said he’s going to “top all previous FF villains”, with more details on him coming later so it should be interesting.

Promised City demo was mentioned. It’s being developed by the team and will be released as soon as possible, but no release date yet. Speaking about release dates, looks like we might be able to see the game next year according to Tabata, who confirmed that it will definitely be before 2017. It won’t be released this year as well so that leaves 2016 as a confirmed release year. The final date will be shared with public at PAX con by Square Enix.

As for the new trailers, we’ve got two. The first one shows us the father-son emotions between Noctis and the father king 15 years from the main game’s events. We don’t know yet what are the monsters that were shown at the end of the trailer but they’re going to be a part of the story. Watch below:

The second one is a short gameplay trailer showing Valley region, an area made available in the second half of the game. We also see a glimpse of the fight with Malboro monster.

Final Fantasy XV is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, with rumors circulating about a PC version as well.

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