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Here are the highlights of Sony’s show at Paris Games Week this year

New trailers, release dates, and new announcements were present at Sony’s show during Paris Games Week. We gathered the most important of them in one place for you to easily find if you missed the whole thing.

Let’s start with Boundless, a new game that was announced for the PlayStation 4 for a 2016 release. The game is about exploring a planet in an open world environment and simplistic minecraft-like graphics. The game supports cross-platform play between PS4 and PC as well. Watch the trailer:

Next we have a new trailer for Media Molecule’s newest game “Dreams” that we got to see first in last E3. The game is all about you and your friends having fun in a world you can build and play by yourself using easy-to-use tools that allow you to make sports games, racing games, horror games and action adventures. There are no boundaries here except for your own imagination. Gameplay trailer below:

Fans of the previously PS Vita exclusive “Graivty Rush” will be happy to see that Gravity Rush 2 is going strong in development and it looks great. Developers shared a new trailer about the game showcasing the many abilities of the heroine controlling the gravity around her to fight enemies and overcome obstacles. Watch here:

As for fighting games fans, Street Fighter director Yoshi Ono got on the stage to announce the next character in the roster of Street Fighter V and it’s none other than “Dhalism” the famous rubber-like fighter, along with new moves and a new looks. Not only that but the release date was finally revealed as well to be February 16 next year. Have a look at the new trailer:

You’ll also be pleased to know that Tekken 7, the next installment of the famed fighting franchise is coming to PS4 and Xbox One officially next year with special content for PS4 owners, as well as native support for PlayStation VR. The 20th anniversary trailer is revealed below:

Speaking of PlayStation VR, the virtual reality headset that gained lots of praise was present at this show. Many titles were revealed and tons others are in development. Most notable reveals were Robinson: The Journey from the developers of Crysis and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood which is a shooter based on the thriller released this year. Watch below:

Racing fans might be excited to know that a new expansion for Driveclub that adds bikes is now available on PS4 as it was announced yesterday. It can be bought as a standalone or as an add-on to the full game. Also, a new Gran Turismo title was announced and it aims to be the best one yet, with prizes of its tournaments to be handled in real life alongisde real drivers. View both trailers down here:

Open-world exploration and survival games had strong presence as well, with a new trailer of the survival title WiLD that lets you play as a human or an animal trying to survive in a BC world. No Man’s Sky had a new amazing trailer that explores the many things you can do, along with a reveal of the release date which is June 2016. A gameplay trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn was also unveiled and it looks great. Watch below:

Uncharted 4 had its very first showcasing of the multiplayer mode, and it’s running at 900p with smooth 60fps. The multiplayer includes the ability to play as the many iconic characters in the series, as well as new additions like Sidekicks system and magical super powers called Mysticals. You can live the action below:

Last but not least, director David Cage announced Quantic Dream’s newest title in development titled “Detroit”. The game is based on the “Kara” tech demo that amazed us few years back. Story follows an android that feels human emotions for the first time wanting to go outside free of slavery. Watch the outstanding thing below:

These were the most notable moments of Sony’s Paris Games Week show. If you plan to attend the event that goes around this week be sure to check on some of these games as they will be playable at Sony’s booths.


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