Here the New Patch 7.21 in League of Legends

Get to know about most important Patch 7.21 details in League of Legends, according to the Patch official note.

Ekko back to the jungle

Jungle Ekko fell to the wayside last year when Riot lowered almost all of his base damage but raised his AP scalings. After all, he was designed as an AP assassin and he had been turned into a utility tank. Well for many, Ekko being a tank was the only way to viably play him in the jungle. When tank Ekko was killed, jungle Ekko went with it.

But now Riot wanted him to be a viable jungler, but they didn’t want to boost his jungling in a way that also boosted his lane power, since he’s in a pretty reasonable spot right now in the mid lane. His passive, Z-Drive Resonance, will now deal double damage to monsters, which should be a massive boost to just jungle camp clear speed. It shouldn’t be enough to magically throw him on top of the jungle Meta, but it should at least make him a viable option.


Galio’s changes are a bit strange. Riot now nerfing the base damage on almost all of his abilities, including Winds of War and Justice Punch. The utility of Shield of Durand is also being lowered, as it will now receive a boost for his AP, making it more powerful, but only against magic damage. Against physical damage, the damage reduction of the ability will be cut in half.

To compensate for this drop in raw effectiveness as a tank, his AP scalings are going up across the board. His passive will now receive a boost equal to 70 percent of his AP, up from 40. His Q will now receive a boost equal to 90 percent of his AP, up from 70. Finally, his E will now scale with 90 percent of his AP, up also from 70. These AP numbers are hard to believe, so we tested them out when they were on the PBE.

With three items—Rod of Ages, Zhonya’s Hourglass, and Banshee’s Veil—Galio is able to put out instant bursts of 1,500 to 1,700 magic damage if he lands his abilities. It’s more AP than he normally builds, but he can build full tank after that, and he’ll still deal enough damage to put most ADCs and assassins out of commission.


Sejuani’s early game power is a little too high for such a scaling champion. And by a little too high, we actually mean out of control. She’s been the queen of the jungle for months, and she’s gone without a significant nerf the entire ride

so for sejuani nerfs, her early game is being targeted the most. They’re almost entirely base stat changes. Her base armor is taking a nerf from 27 down to 22, her armor per level is being dropped from four to three, her base MR is being dropped from 32.1 to 27.1, and her MR per level is dropping from 1.25 to 0.75. The MR nerf isn’t as major—but a five armor nerf and one per level is a lot larger than you think. Jungle camps are going to pack quite a punch to her now, and she won’t be able to stay healthy long enough to farm and gank nearly as often. Her abilities are all being tweaked—a small cooldown change here.


the goal of Rammus changes isn’t just to flat out nerf him, but instead to make him less useful against magic comps while at the same time solidifying his role as an anti-AD tank. The MR bonus from his Defensive Ball Curl will now only scale from 25 to 45 percent, way down from 50 to 70. The base MR from the ability is also being lowered from 20 to 10. On the flip side, the bonus armor is actually increasing from 50 to 70 percent all the way up to 50 to 90 percent, which is actually a significant buff.

After that, Rammus will be much weaker against mages, but even stronger against AD champions. In an ADC focused meta, this should actually make him stronger, but at least he’ll be easier to counter.

Ardent Censer Nerf

The attack speed buff is being dropped from 20-35 percent way down to 10-30 percent. Now that the item will start out at 10 percent attack speed, it will be much weaker during the early game, which is when it was at its strongest prior to this nerf. That’s not all, though. The on-hit magic damage given by the item is also being dropped—all the way down from 20-35 to 5-20.

This Patch 7.21 is available now when update your own client.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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