Some huge changes in League of Legends with preseason update

Some huge changes in League of Legends with preseason update

Riot just dropped the biggest bombshell since it announced that masteries and runes would be replaced by a singular rune system earlier this summer. Remember the level 30 cap that you had to work so hard to reach just to take part in ranked games?  That’s all a thing of the past.



That’s right, you heard us. Both IP and the entire leveling system are being replaced by something better, according to Riot’s announcement.

No more level cap, all new rewards

Leveling has been a pain point ever since the inception of League of Legends in 2009. The process has gone from a fun journey to unlock the full potential of the game to something that’s downright tedious. When thinking about the current leveling system and the level 30 cap, players only associate it with a lot of time and energy wasted just to be able to play the game to its full extent.

The replacement system will have rewards, and more importantly, fun in mind. It will function much like Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. There will no longer be a level cap, and each time you level up, you’ll get a reward chest chock-full of blue essence, champ shards, gemstones, and more. Big milestone levels will earn the player bigger rewards. Level 10, level 50, level 100–you get the picture.

IP is being turned into Blue Essence

In the game right now, there are currently three different ways to unlock champions. You can buy them with IP, you can use Blue Essence to unlock their shards earned from Hextech Chests, or you can roll any three champion shards into one random permanent champ. With all of these methods at players’ disposal, Riot thought, “Why not combine them?”

That means that with Blue Essence, the same currency you earn from chests and soon also from leveling up, you’ll be able to directly buy champions from the store. It will also retain it’s previous uses within the loot system. For example, when the next champion is released, instead of it costing 7800 IP, it will cost 7800 BE. This simplifies the champion buying experience, and adds a lot more importance to that Blue Essence you’ve been hoarding because your Hextech Chests haven’t given you great shards.

This will also essentially combine the new leveling system with its new rewards to the champion buying experience, adding a lot of weight to the entire experience as a whole.

These changes set to arrive with preseason update in a couple of months.

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