League of Legends gets new Emote feature

League of Legends gets new Emote feature

It’s been four weeks since the new emote system launched in Oceania for testing, and today, it’s going global, according to the official patch notes.



Finally, every player in every region can throw shade at allies, laugh off their own mistakes, and trash talk their enemies in new and creative ways. Well, not that many ways—there’s only going to be 19 emotes available to buy right today, not including the “Thumbs up” emote every player will receive for free or the Worlds emotes.

Granted, 19 emotes should be plenty for a while. Some players will spam “Clean” nearly every time they die or miraculously pull off a cool kill without killing themselves in the process, but there is plenty of space for creative freedom with 18 other emotes.

For example, you can flash the “Does not compute” emote rather than spam pinging your ally when they dive a tower at level two.

All emotes will cost 350 RP when they first ship, but will bump up to their normal price of 450 RP on Nov. 7 when the season ends.

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