Malicious virus asks players for a ransom to continue playing their games

Malicious virus asks players for a ransom to continue playing their games

New day on the web and a new threat that worries its visitors. This time, it’s gamers who are the main target of this ransom-ware that asks for $500 to regain access to encrypted game files.

What’s known as Teslacrypt had attacked many video gamers across the world infecting their machines and encrypting their game files. The virus then asks for a ransom to give the code for the encrypted files for a price of $500 worth Bitcoins.

“Gamers may be used to paying to unlock downloadable content in their favourite games, but a new crypto-ransomware variant aims to make gamers pay to unlock what they already own.” Said Vadim Kotov, an analyst at Bromium Labs.

“This crypto-ransomware variant has been getting distributed from a compromised web site that was redirecting the visitors to the Angler exploit kit by using a Flash clip.”

The virus is said to acknowledge the most “file types associated with video games that we have ever seen”.

Kotov mentioned that the files infected cannot be fixed even with uninstalling and installing again. Making this security breach a tough one to play around.


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