Meet Silver Snipers: Counter-Strike’s oldest pro team

Meet Silver Snipers: Counter-Strike’s oldest pro team

Despite video games in general not being bound to a certain age group, the competitive side of it has players mostly quitting in their thirties due to decreased skill level that comes with age. For this Swedish team however, age means nothing. We’re talking about Silver Snipers, CS: GO’s oldest team yet.

Compared to regular eSports teams, Silver Snipers are at least three times as old with an average of 71 years of age, with youngest being 62 and oldest member 81 years old. As you would think, Silver Snipers aren’t exactly the best time out there, far from it, when compared to young pros. However, for people their age they actually play really good.

With a playtime of around 60-70 hours and a special training by legendary Ninjas in Pyjamas ex-player Tommy “Potti” Ingermarsson, the team currently has Silver ranking in the game with an average K/D of about 0.55.

The team isn’t really ready to go against any of the pro teams out there, but Silver Snipers have actually went to DreamHack Winter Open as a side attraction where they played against attendants of the event. If there’s one thing we can learn from this whole thing, it’s never too late to start doing what you’re passionate about.

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