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Meet the Dangerous champions in the League of Legends next Patch

Champions Kha’zix, Graves, and Rengar have been stomping all over Summoner’s Rift as the kings of the jungle for a few months now. But with huge buffs coming to Jarvan IV, Amumu, and Nunu, everything will change.

The sad mummy Amumu:

Amumu basic attacks and ultimate ability will now apply a debuff called “Curse” to enemies for three seconds. Cursed enemies take ten percent of all magic damage applied to them as true damage instead. That’s right, true damage. His Despair also refreshed the duration of Curse every time the damage ticks. What’s more important, however, is that this isn’t just a buff for Amumu. Of course it will buff him enough that he’ll be a strong pick once again, but that debuff also applies to magic damage caused by his allies on Amumu’s targets. He will be most useful on teams with more mages, and that means the Meta dominated by AD assassins (Rengar, Kha’zix, Graves, Talon, Zed) will be brought to heel just a bit more.

The crown prince of Demacia Jarvan IV:

Jarvan IV  is about to become much stronger. His W, the aforementioned pathetic shield, is being shifted from a small flat shield to one that scales from his maximum health, just like Vi’s. This change makes a lot of sense, and it might be enough to bring Jarvan into the meta, since he’s been so close for so long.


Nunu is one of the Tanking champion in game but don’t have more CC Crowd Control like another tanks in game like Nautilus, Gragas and Maokai, Riot works to help him, Riot works to help him and improve his power with change his passive, his passive is gaining a new effect that may help him out. Every five auto attacks, Nunu’s next ability will cost no mana and gain an additional bonus:

Consume: +160 Damage and +50 Healing

Blood Boil: +1% Movement Speed and +5% Attack Speed

Ice Blast: +40 Damage and +5% Movement Speed Slow

Absolute Zero: +250 Maximum Damage

These changes are currently in the PBE Test Server, which means they should ship with the next game official patch7.7.


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