Microsoft’s E3 event summary

Microsoft’s E3 event summary

What a time to be a gamer ! 2015 proved not only that it’s one of the best years in gaming in recent years but one of the best years ever for the industry. New games of legendary franchises, innovative new IPs, amazing graphics…this is E3.

Microsoft’s event started by showing Halo 5: Guardians with some exciting gameplay. This installment was said to be the end of Master Chieft but we don’t know yet what the events are. The multiplayer on another hand will have up to 24 players and the help of an AI character directioner. Halo 5 will sport the biggest Halo multiplayer maps ever, and will be released October 27 on Xbox One.

After the showcase of Halo ended, Microsoft showed a debut trailer of Megaman creator Kejij Inafune’s newest games, which looks like a sci-fi set in a deserted planet. This game is called Recore and it’s coming Spring 2016 exclusively for Xbox One. More info about it later.

Phil Spencer took the stage after that to throw the bomb of the event and announced that Xbox One will be backward compatible to Xbox 360 games very soon. You don’t have to buy the game again as you simply download a version of the titles you have through the XBL and start playing right on. After that, a new controller was announced called Xbox Elite, a highly customizable solution that competes with 3rd party controllers with similar functions allowing you to modify your play style, like replacable thumbsticks, new d-pad and hair triggers which you can see all in the trailer below.

Todd Howard came up and showed the Fallout 4 trailer which we saw at Bethesda showcase before again. Then went on to announce that Bethesda’s largest RPG title to date will support Modding once released on Xbox One, so you can download the mods from your PC and they would work straight of the bat. Also, with every purchase of Fallout 4 on Xbox One comes Fallout 3.

Peter Moore from EA spoke about EA Access and announced that new titles like Dragon Age: Inquisition has been added this month, and that all of Xbox Live Gold members can now try the service for free this week.

Other cool trailers included the new Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and Forza 6, releasing Early 2016 and September 15 this year respectively. You can watch those below also. Dark Souls 3 was announced and it’s coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC as well in Early 2016.

A couple few other games were shown like Ubisoft’s The Division and Rainbow Six Siege, which is coming with Vegas 1 and 2 when you purchase it for Xbox One.

Many new indie titles will be released on Xbox One as well, as Microsoft supports indie developers more and more. The most notable title was Cuphead which looks really amazing having those 30s cartoons’ visuals like Mickey Mouse and all. Rare Collection was also announced and it includes 30 titles of Rare history from the likes of Perfect Dark and Banjoo Kazooie.

The real highlight of the show’s games were Rise of the Tomb Raider and Gears of War 4, which both got us interested with their first gameplay reveal.

Last but not least, we saw the possibilities of gaming with the Hololense thanx to Minecraft that was shown, where you can control the world being displayed on your table.

Watch all of the videos below:

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