Most changes with Patch 7.23 in League of Legends

Get to know about the changes and Features with Patch 7.23, according to the official patch note.

The Keystone rune Predator and the towers of Summoner’s Rift will be buffed in tomorrow Patch 7.23.

Both buffs are very clearly due to runes. After the new rune system was introduced last week, one type of champion has spiked in popularity over all other types, and no, we don’t mean Ezreal.

We’re talking about assassins, divers, and pretty much anyone else that can crank up the damage and burst down targets before they have time to blink. Unfortunately, though, the runes geared towards those champs are a little out of balance. Predator, for example, is falling behind the power levels of both Electrocute and even Dark Harvest, one of the least popular runes in the game so far.

The issue isn’t so much with Predator’s actual raw power, but instead with how often it’s usable. Electrocute is up all the time, but Predator is on a three to two minute cooldown. The buff will lower that cooldown to 150-100 seconds, which is 30 to 20 seconds less, depending on your level. That’s a significant buff.

Towers are suffering from the new runes as well. With all of these runes that have increased damage to absurd amounts, even for tanks, towers seem extra paper thin lately. That’s why they’re becoming tankier in tomorrow Patch 7.23.

The new champion Zoe the aspect of twilight.

Patch 7.23 arrives tomorrow, and it brings with it the new champion Zoe. Zoe’s abilities are extremely complex, and they really make the player feel like they’re manipulating the space-time continuum to be one hell of a nuisance to the enemy team. These abilities are exciting, sure—but the really noteworthy part of her release is her personality and character design.

Blue Essence and XP system changes

When the preseason update arrived two weeks ago, the community’s reception of the impressive changelist was generally great—with two exceptions.

Most of the vocal playerbase seemed to love the new runes and changes to the jungle, but there was a lot of flame directed at blue essence and the new leveling system. They were upset because they believe there aren’t enough Blue Essence rewards to assist with champion purchases, and that leveling is much more difficult. In tomorrow’s patch, Riot is addressing both—sort of.

Despite the astounding amount of criticism on the Blue Essence front, the only buff to the system will be that the First Win of the Day bonus will now reward 50 less experience—but it will now have 50 Blue Essence to compensate.

The reason for such a small increase is because Riot firmly believes that you now earn much more BE than you used to earn with IP, and that buying champions should now be easier.

To address leveling Riot is making it easier to level up beyond level 30, but again it isn’t by much. In fact, you wouldn’t really notice a difference at all until you’d reach north of level 100.

Spectate high elo games

One of the most requested features from the old League of Legends client, the ability to spectate high elo games, is making its triumphant return in tomorrow Patch 7.23 .

Three years ago, there was a dedicated section of the client that would allow players to click through a selection of high elo games ranging from Diamond to Challenger and spectate them on a whim. It was removed in order to increase awareness of a new feature, according to a Riot comment in the official game forums. This was removed from the legacy client as well when Riot discovered a security vulnerability that would require time and effort to fix, That’s the version of spectating that is returning tomorrow. So you’ll have to visit the Profile page, then Ranked, and then you can search through lists of players for live games to spectate. But This time around, you’ll only be able to spectate Challenger-tier games

Both Shyvana and Rammus Nerfs

Shyvana’s base attack damage is being lowered from 69 to 66, which won’t have a huge impact on anything but camp clear—but that small amount of AD adds up a lot when she uses her Twin Bite with Press the Attack. That being said, her ganks should be at least slightly less powerful now.

Rammus’ armor is being dropped from 40 to 36, which will hurt his already poor camp clear at early levels but won’t affect him much into later levels as he builds up more armor from items.

Jinx Buff

Her Flame Chompers! will now stop champions mid-dash, just like Veigar’s wall, helping her survive ganks, hard engages from enemy supports, tower dives, and a ton of other risky situations. This small change will go a long way on such an immobile ADC.

Tomorrow Patch 7.23 have collections of new skins like:




This Patch 7.23 is available today and you’ll notice it when update your own client.

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