NA LCS week three power rankings in League of Legends

For the first few weeks of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split, the talk of the league has been the upstarts.

100 Thieves made a lot of noise by defeating CLG in the first week. Echo Fox, though not a new team, are new to their place at the top of the standings. Week three was about restoration of order, as the region’s three most successful teams, TSM, Cloud9, and CLG, all went undefeated.

As always we will start the team rankings for NA LCS week three from the bottom.

10- Golden Guardians (7 points).

9- OpTic Gaming (16 points).

8- Clutch Gaming (23 points).

7- FlyQuest (24 points).

6- CLG (38 points).

5- TSM (41 points).

4- 100 Thieves (48 points).

3- Team Liquid (60 points).

2- Cloud9 (62 points).

1- Echo Fox (66 points).

If you’re a fan of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, you’ll need to prepare for an upcoming change to the league’s Sunday start time.

Riot Games revealed earlier today that the NA LCS will soon start at 2pm CT on Sundays, which is two hours earlier than its current weekly time slot. This change will come into effect beginning on Feb. 18, which falls at the end of week five of the NA LCS.

Jalal Tarabulsy

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